Key features:

SRT Streamer (ver 0.9)

A free tool for SRT stream generation.
Input: NDI source, capture devices
Output: SRT
Multi-channel audio support
Timecode Synch
Alpha-channel support
Software and hardware encoding (Intel or NVIDIA based)
Two-way communication
SDI and NDI output for returned feed (from studio)
Windows 10, 64bit

Remote Expert (ver 1.0)

A free tool for people who need to add a remote speaker & presenter.
Windows 10, 64bit
This tool is designed with end users in mind, and allows you to organize live streams with remote guest speakers, as well as demonstrate their desktops.
Key features:

Stream to Studio (iOS app)

A free streaming tool for TV studios that commonly have to deal with field reporters.
Two-way communication
Recording feature
Geolocation sharing
h264 and h265
iOS app
This tool was developed to help field reporters live stream and cover events in remote locations.